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That Was Then and This Is Now

Sometimes I can be listening to a song or I smell a certain smell or someone says something and it takes me back in time. It can be good times that I think about or challenging times but sometimes it is sad times. Our thoughts can cause us to think of how things may have…

Sit down on the grass

Grass is everywhere isn’t it! In England we have lots of grass and I live in the North East near the countryside so we have loads of it. I remember particularly in my earlier years of being a Christian that I would sit in the middle of our back garden on the grass and I…

Christmas Today and Everyday

“Why is Lorraine writing a blog about Christmas in February?” I hear you ask. Would you prefer to read about New Year’s resolutions and holiday plans rather than Christmas? I wonder. Is this how it is for you? Is Christmas now far from your mind or does the meaning of Christmas stay with you throughout…

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