Do you know where you are going? Do you know what direction you are heading? Do you think about where you are going in life or just keep plodding on regardless? Do you have a plan and what happens if your plan fails? Have you heard the saying? ‘All roads lead somewhere’. Below is anContinue reading “WAYMAKER”

It’s good to talk

It’s so good to have someone to talk to. Sharing good news. Checking on each other to make sure they are okay. Ringing a friend to connect with them can make a person’s day feel so much better. Sometimes when walking down the street or going into the local shop even just saying ‘hello’ mightContinue reading “It’s good to talk”

Cat Amongst the Pigeons

Imagine a flock of pigeons all happy and content feasting on their favourite seeds and corn. Unknown to the pigeons……a cat has been watching and waiting for an opportunity to pounce on them, hoping to secure a meal for itself. Just when they thought they were not going to be disturbed the cat decides toContinue reading “Cat Amongst the Pigeons”

It’s all in hand

Sometimes life is an uphill struggle and we need assurance that it will be okay in the end, even if it is not okay now. Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to be able to say ‘It’s all in hand’? ‘In hand’ has a metaphorical rather than a literal meaning. ‘It’s all in hand’ meansContinue reading “It’s all in hand”

Famous Last Words

FAMOUS LAST WORDS Words spoken. Words written. Words sang. Words can bring a person down or build a person up. Words unsaid. Lost opportunities. Words once said cannot be unsaid. Sometimes words are exchanged in a way that can change or influence decisions a person may make. Words record stories and facts to help usContinue reading “Famous Last Words”

Love is T.I.M.E.

We make time for the people we love. We make time to do the things we want to do. We make time for the people whose company we enjoy. If you want someone to know that you love them give them your time. Time shows them that they matter to you. If you don’t makeContinue reading “Love is T.I.M.E.”

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